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Simakas Company was founded in 1946 as Simakas Brothers, by James and Alexander Simakas.  Initially founded as a painting contractor, Simakas Brothers soon evolved into an industrial maintenance contractor.  Following the death of Alexander Simakas in 1987, the company was restructured and continued business in its present form.

Located in Mars PA, Simakas Company, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide reliable, efficient service as an industrial service contractor. We are afforded an exceptional ability to respond to daily maintenance needs and to help plan and execute "open & inspect" outages by our:

  • experience in the industry

  • experience in the regions and plants

  • extensive inventory of equipment, tools and materials

  • in house fabrication facility

  • corporate approach to dealing with the unions and crafts people

  • talent of our supervisory personnel

  • corporate approach to safety and quality control

We are available to provide outstanding service at all times.  Our corporate telephone answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We maintain a cadre of experienced field superintendents who can be dispatched upon notification.  Once notified, the superintendent calls for the craft workers needed for the job.  Administrative questions can be answered quickly by a single telephone call to the main office since all job related information is maintained on a centralized computer system.

About Simakas Company, Inc.



Simakas Company, Inc. will provide our customers with exceptional service, high quality workmanship and cost-effective methods of achieving their goals.  Our team’s strength lies in our belief in each other and the recognition of the skills and experience each member brings.  We dedicate our efforts to serve our customers in order to perpetuate the company’s tradition of excellence and to provide an opportunity for the members of the team to enjoy a rewarding vocation. 

Our mission will be supported by our core values: fairness, integrity, safety, teamwork, respect & profitability.

Our home office, shop and warehouse are located in Mars, PA.  Planning is critical to the success of any project.  While unknown situations such as forced outages cannot be planned in depth, they can be prepared by having necessary resources like tools, materials and labor, on hand.  Our warehouse is stocked with enough tools to perform a major boiler outage as well as specialty tools for support work.  Our shop performs light fabrication support to support the field work.  All superintendents have pickup trucks and full access to the warehouse.  Full-time employees that staff the shop and warehouse are available to support field operations seven days a week.



Leadership and attitude are traits that define the supervisory personnel at Simakas Company.  All superintendents have extensive experience in their respective trades, supervision, planning work and managing jobs.  They are experienced with plant procedures, proper methods of repair and cooperate with the owner to get the work done as expeditiously as possible.  Our administrative team is comprised of seasoned professionals who are regarded as experts in their fields.

Simakas has nearly 75 years experience in full service industrial maintenance.  We maintain the National Board "R" and "NB" stamps and ASME "S" and "U" stamps.  All pressure welding and fabrication is performed in accordance with our Quality Control Program that is overseen by our authorized inspector and audited by the National Board.

Commitment to 


Commitment to


Our team is available to deliver exceptional service at all times.  Our corporate telephone answers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand the urgency created by unplanned downtime and strive to deliver exceptional service when our customers need us most. We also understand the importance of schedule and meeting our clients expectations. Our projects range from 1-2 craftsmen to 100+ craftsmen for planned outage work.

Simakas has received Safety Performance Achievement Recognition from the Mahoning Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce for the past five years. Simakas was also awarded the Thomas J. Reynolds Award for construction safety and health in 2013 to 2018 from The Association of Union Constructors. The award recognizes members with DART (Days Away Restricted or Transferred) rates that are 25% below the Bureau of Labor Statistics national average.

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Commitment to

Union Labor

Simakas Company is proud of the harmonious relationship it maintains with the local unions who provide labor for our jobs and projects.  This relationship is fostered by a strong corporate commitment to the unions.  All our superintendents are experienced union trades people who not only know the work but also understand and respond to the concerns of the workers they direct.  Simakas superintendents are so effective because they earn the respect and trust of the trades people under their supervision.

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